Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia & Donald Trump

Cape Breton Trump

Who would have thought when launching the new website “Nova Scotia is Amazing” that Donald Trump would be mentioned?

Nova Scotia, Cape Breton & Donald Trump

We have heard that many Americans are nervous about the thought of Donald Trump becoming president. So much so that they are looking for alternative places to live. To be honest, I have noticed this happens to be the case in almost every American election cycle.


It seems every four years searches about moving to Canada or moving to Nova Scotia spike on the online. This year, interest in moving to Cape Breton has raised to an impressive high.


This in particular to Rob Calabrese, a radio personality from Cape Breton who launched a website called Even CNN has shown interest in this gem many call home.



We are very excited about the launch of “Nova Scotia is Amazing” are pleased to share the best of what this incredible corner of the world has to offer.


Let’s get a few misconceptions about Nova Scotia out of the way:


  • It is not always cold here and we do not live in igloos.


  • Everyone in Canada Speaks French. That would be cool but it is not the case. Just 21.5% speak French


  • There’s Wildlife Everywhere – don’t plan on finding a moose walking down a city street. You have to go looking.


  • We fish for our supper – there is professional fisherman for that but we can get fresh seafood year-round



What is great about Nova Scotia?


This island has a rich history, access to the marvels of the ocean, a top-rated culinary scene, very sociable people, vineyards that produce award-winning wines, incredible scenery and possibly someday, in the not too distant future it may be known as the “Cape Breton Trump escape.


If you are looking for information or things to do when visiting, let “Nova Scotia is Amazing” be your resource. We might even be able to help if you are looking for Cape Breton real estate.


Review the website and let us know what you think. If you have any questions or comments feel free to let us know. We would like to hear what you think …



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Nova Scotia, Cape Breton & Donald Trump
Nova Scotia, Cape Breton & Donald Trump

Nova Scotia, Cape Breton & Donald Trump

Nova Scotia, Cape Breton & Donald Trump


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