Videos for Business is a Must!

Market Your Nova Scotia Business with Video


A Nova Scotia Business Video is not a luxury – it’s

a MUST! It’s a marketing tool for your website,

social media, and video platforms.


Do you have a Business Promotional Video to Attract New Customers?


If not, why?  


Do these reasons look familiar?

  • I have never used video before.
  • I am not sure how to create a business video?
  • I feel the production costs would be too high?


Today, to have a business video is not a luxury– it’s a MUST!!




  • Your Business Video can be used as a marketing tool on your website, social media, at trade shows, on YouTube and any other video platforms.
  • Website visitors who watch a video are 64% more likely to book a room or make a purchase.
  • It is proven that videos seem to make your website more trustworthy.
  • You can use your video on other social platforms for marketing to a larger volume of new visitors.
  • A video increases the odds of your website appearing on the front page of Google by 53 times.
  • Video helps your audience retain information. The average person retains only 10 percent of what they hear, but 50 percent of what they see.


Can you imagine marketing with your own business promotional video on your website, social media, YouTube, and other video platforms?



Now you Can Have Your Own Business Video.


And it is easier than you think.


You decide which of the three business video options best suits your goals & budget and then Nova Scotia is Amazing will create and produce a video for your business based on your criteria.


Nova Scotia is Amazing Business Video Options

Business Review Video
$ 195
• A business image and your logo
• Intro from Nova Scotia is Amazing
• 5 or 6 excellent reviews of your business from TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google etc.
• Physical and website Address
• Background music *(we can provide Royalty Free or you can supply music of your choosing)
• Add additional images ($10 per image)
Business Image Video
• Your choice of an intro presenting your properties name, logo or sign.
• 12 – 14 of your images and/or video clips that highlight your hospitality property and area.
• A variety of high-end image transitions
• An outro with your contact information
• Your choice of background music genre
• A sample script you can use to write your 150-word video script
• Professional reading of your script
• Upload to YouTube
Business Promotional Video
Contact for Quote
• 1 to 2 minutes video
• Project will be directed, shot, edited and produced by professional videographers
• The video will Address the Customers’ Needs without Emphasizing Them
• Will Build Reassurance and Your Credibility
• Engage and Identify With your Customer
• Benefit and Incentive Call to Action
• Internal video and external video shots highlighting your business
• Description of business from spokesperson (owner/manager)