Today, we are going to take a look at the northern part of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island. An island located up on the north east coast of North Atlantic Ocean.   If you are curious about the name Breton, it is derived from the Brittany region of France.   I […]

How to Experience Cape Breton Island

Nova Scotia History Today we are going to talk about the Nova Scotia History. This is Gerry the Traveling Kilt from Nova Scotia is Amazing.  We begin looking at one of Canada’s three Maritime Provinces. Nova Scotia is beautiful and has no problem showcasing its culture scenery and coastline also […]

Great Nova Scotia History

West Berlin Wharf
  As you explore through the “Nova Scotia is Amazing” website you are going to see many amazing images that portray this beautiful province. Images that will leave you fascinated, transfixed, delighted and at times charmed.   So who is this master of imagery? Nova Scotia Photographer Wally Hayes   […]

Wally Hayes – Nova Scotia Photographer

Cape Breton Trump
  Who would have thought when launching the new website “Nova Scotia is Amazing” that Donald Trump would be mentioned? Nova Scotia, Cape Breton & Donald Trump We have heard that many Americans are nervous about the thought of Donald Trump becoming president. So much so that they are looking for […]

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia & Donald Trump