Nova Scotia & Pop Culture
I was watching the TV show “Blacklist” the other day and heard a reference to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The show was dramatic but it was hearing Nova Scotia mentioned made me smile. I began to wonder how often this happened.   It took very little research to find some […]

Nova Scotia in Pop Culture

  It is true that Nova Scotia is Amazing but did you know it is also beautiful? But don’t take my word, see what how others see it.   This is an article from by James Hunter showing some of the best Nova Scotia has to offer.   Enjoy […]

14 Beautiful Nova Scotia Towns You Have To Visit

Deep Sky Eye Observatory-Tim-Doucette.
Nova Scotia has many incredible stories and Tim Doucette story is no exception. He is an expert in the field of astronomy, owner of the Deep Sky Eye Observatory & is legally blind. Tim was born with cataracts and underwent an operation to remove the lenses from his eyes, which […]

Deep Sky Eye Observatory – The Tim Doucette Story

Old Town Lunenburg UNESCO World Heritage Site
Why should you take a cycling holiday in Nova Scotia? We have 6 reasons this should be on the top of your wish list.   You have to time to relax and recharge When you think of taking a cycling holiday with close family or friends or as a guest, […]

Great Cycling Holiday in Nova Scotia

Old Halifax - Nova Scotia
Titanic and the Halifax Connection – Part II To understand the impact this tragedy had on Halifax, you should know the story of events leading up to and the aftermath of the sinking.   In our last post, I wrote about where the “Titanic” had come from and about some […]

Titanic and the Halifax Connection – Part II

The story of Titanic and its connection to Halifax is one that is very important and integral part of the city’s history. To understand the impact you should know a little about the events leading up to the disaster.   At the time of its launch, the “RMS Titanic” was […]

Titanic and the Halifax Connection

Nova Scotia Facts and Figures
When I first moved to Nova Scotia, I felt the place was beautiful but not any more exceptional than the other Canadian Provinces. Then I started to learn more about my new home. Most of these things I found out during my research as a tour director but quite a […]

Nova Scotia Facts and Figures

We are posting the first story, an important element of Halifax history. The Halifax Explosion has shaped what the city is today. Have you visited, are a business owner or live in Nova Scotia? Do you have a fun, inspirational or informative story to share?   We would love to see it! […]

The Halifax Explosion – Our Story

Joggins Cliffs, Nova Scotia
Southern Mainland of Nova Scotia Today, we are going to look at the Southern Mainland of Nova Scotia. To begin your journey through the southern half of Nova Scotia you will travel the Glooscap Trail and look back on time.   I do not mean the last 10,000 years with […]

Best of Nova Scotia Southern Mainland

Sherbrooke Village, Nova Scotia
Tips for Nova Scotia Northern Mainland Trip Today we are travelling over the Canso Causeway. I will look at a couple of different scenic routes to enjoy Mainland Nova Scotia.   First, let’s follow the Atlantic coast, known as the Marine Drive.   The coastal beauty has long served as […]

Best of Nova Scotia Northern Mainland